Govt. BM College is the best college in south Bengal. Standard infrastructure, Sufficient skilled teachers, efficient management ensures a glorious result each year.   

The college ensures a quality education as wel as other cocurricular activities.  .......... read more....  

- Prof. Fazlul Haque, Principal, Govt. BM College, Barisal.      



Welcome to Govt. BM College, Barisal.

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Brief History

Brojmohun College was established on 14th June in 1889 by Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta. But history chronicles that he first established the B.M shcool patronized by his great father in 1884 and then it it evolved into B.M. College to meet the increasing demands of higher education for the poor southerners. In 1917 the college was transferred into the present location. This college had got a revolutionary spirit as the Swadeshi movement and its ideology against British Raj streamed through it. read more.....











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